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Unformatted text preview: I ntegr ated M ar keti ng Communi cati on: Per sonal Sel l i ng and D i r ect M ar keti ng Chapt er 13 Road M ap: Pr eviewing t he Concept s Discuss • D iscuss t he r ole of a company’s salespeople in cr eat ing value for cust omer s and building cust omer r elat ionships. • I dent ify and explain t he six major sales for ce management st eps. sales Discuss • D iscuss t he per sonal selling pr ocess, dist inguishing bet ween t r ansact iondist or ient ed mar ket ing and r elat ionship or mar ket ing. m ar 13 - 2 Road M ap: Pr eviewing t he Concept s Define • D efine dir ect mar ket ing and discuss i t s benefit s t o cust omer s and companies. companies. • I dent ify and discuss t he major for ms of dir ect mar ket ing. of 13 - 3 The Nat ur e of Per sonal Selling • M ost salespeople ar e well-educat ed, w ell-t r ained pr ofessionals who wor k t o build and maint ain longw or t er m cust omer r elat ionships. T he t er m salesper son cover s a wide The r ange of posit ions: Or der t aker : Depar t ment st or e cler k Or der get t er : Cr eat ive selling in Or differ ent envir onment s differ 13 - 4 • • • • The Role of t he Sales F ora paid, per sonal for m ce Per sonal selling is Per of pr omot ion. of I nvolves t wo-way per sonal communicat ion bet ween salespeople and individual cust omer s. i ndividual Salespeople: Pr obe cust omer s t o lear n about pr oblems Adjust mar ket ing offer s t o fit special needs Negot iat e t er ms of sales Build long-t er m per sonal r elat ionships 13 - 5 The Role of t he Sales F or ce • Sales For ce ser ves as cr it ical l ink bet ween company and it s cust omer s. They r epr esent t he company t o t he cust omer s They r epr esent t he cust omer s t o t he company Goal = cust omer sat isfact ion and company pr ofit 13 - 6 Sale For ce St r uct ur e • • • • T er r i tor i a l : Salesper son assigned t o exclusive ar ea and sells full line of pr oduct s. Pr oduct : Sales for ce sells only cer t ain pr oduct lines. Customer : Sales for ce or ganizes along cust omer or indust r y lines. Compl ex: Combinat ion of sever al t ypes of st r uct ur es. 13 - 7 I nside Sales For ce • Conduct business fr om t heir Conduct offices via t elephone or visit s fr om per spect ive buyer s. fr I ncludes: Technical suppor t people Sales assist ant s Telemar ket er s 13 - 8 • Selling Team • • • U sed t o ser vice lar ge, complex Used account s. account Can include exper t s fr om differ ent Can ar eas of selling fir m. ar Pit falls: Can confuse or over whelm cust omer s Some people have t r ouble wor king in Some t eams H ar d t o evaluat e individual cont r ibut ions cont 13 - 9 Recr uit ing and Select ing Salespeople • K ey t alent s of salespeople: I nt r insic mot ivat ion Disciplined wor k st yle Abilit y t o close a sale A bilit y t o build r elat ionships Abilit wit h cust omer s w it 13 - 10 Recr uit ing Salespeople • Recommendat io n s fr om cur r ent ns sales for ce sales E mployment Employment agencies agencies Classified ads • • • Web sear ches College College st udent s st Recr uit fr om Recr ot her companies ot • • 13 - 11 • • • • • L ear n about and ident ify wit h t he company. L ear n about t he company’s pr oduct s. L ear n cust omer s’ and compet it or s’ char act er ist ics. L ear n how t o make effect ive pr esent at ions. L ear n field pr ocedur es and r esponsibilit ies. 13 - 12 Sales For ce Tr aining Goals Compensat ing Salespeople • • • • F ixed amount : Fixed Salar y Salar Var iable amount : Commissions or bonuses Expenses: Repays for job-r elat ed expendit ur es Fr inge benefit s: Vacat ions, sick leave, pension, et c. 13 - 13 Super vising Salespeople • Dir ect ing Salespeople H elp t hem ident ify cust omer s and set call nor ms. and Specify t ime t o be spent Specify pr ospect ing pr Annual cal l pl an Ti me-and-duty anal ysi s Sal es for ce automati on systems 13 - 14 Super vising Salespeople • M ot ivat ing Salespeople Or ganizat ional climat e Sales quot as Posit ive incent ives: Sal es meeti ngs Sal es contests Recogni ti on and honor s Cash awar ds, tr i ps, pr ofi t shar i ng 13 - 15 • • • • Pr ospecti ng: T he salesper son i dent ifies qualified pot ent ial cust omer s. Pr ea ppr oa ch: T he salesper son l ear ns as much as possible about a pr ospect ive cust omer befor e m aking a sales call. Appr oa ch: T he salesper son meet s t he cust omer for t he fir st t ime. Pr esenta ti on: T he salesper son t ells t he “pr oduct st or y” t o t he 13 - 16 buyer , highlight ing cust omer The Per sonal Selling Pr ocess • • • H a ndl i ng Objecti ons: T he salesper son seeks out , clar ifies, and over comes cust omer object ions t o buying. Cl osi ng: T he salesper son asks t he cust omer for an or der . Fol l ow-up: T he salesper son f ollows up aft er t he sale t o ensur e cust omer sat isfact ion and r epeat business. 13 - 17 The Per sonal Selling Pr ocess Dir ect M ar ket ing • D ir ect mar ket ing consist s of Dir dir ect connect ions wit h car efully t ar get ed individual consumer s t o bot h obt ain an i mmediat e r esponse and cult ivat e last ing cust omer r elat ionships. 13 - 18 The New Dir ect M ar ket ing M odel • • • • Some fir ms use dir ect mar ket ing as a Some supplement al medium. supplement F or many companies, dir ect mar ket ing For const it ut es a new and complet e model for doing business. f or Some fir ms employ t he dir ect model as Some t heir onl y appr oach. onl Some see t his as t he new mar ket ing Some model of t he next millennium. m odel 13 - 19 Benefit s of Dir ect M ar ket ing • Benefit s t o Buyer s: Convenient Easy t o use Pr ivat e Ready access t o pr oduct s and Ready infor mat ion i nfor I mmediat e and int er act ive 13 - 20 Benefit s of Dir ect M ar ket ing • Benefit s t o Seller s: Power ful t ool for building cust omer Power r elat ionships Can t ar get small gr oups or individuals Can t ailor offer s t o individual needs Can be t imed t o r each pr ospect s at Can just t he r ight moment j ust Gives access t o buyer s t hey could not Gives r each t hr ough ot her channels Offer s a low-cost , efficient way t o Offer r each mar ket s 13 - 21 Cust omer Dat abases • A n or ganized collect ion of An compr ehensive dat a about i ndividual cust omer s or pr ospect s, including geogr aphic, demogr aphic, psychogr aphic, and behavior al dat a. dat 13 - 22 Telemar ket ing • • • A ccount s for mor e t han 36% of Account all dir ect -mar ket ing sales. all U sed in bot h consumer and Used B2B mar ket s. B 2B Can be outbound or i nbound Can outbound calls. calls. 13 - 23 Dir ect -M ail M ar ket ing • I nvolves sending an offer , announcement , r eminder , or ot her i t em t o a per son at a par t icular addr ess. addr A ccount s for mor e t han 31% of Account dir ect -mar ket ing sales. dir Per mit s high t ar get -mar ket Per select ivit y. select Per sonal and flexible. Easy t o measur e r esult s. 13 - 24 • • • • Cat alog M ar ket ing • • • • W it h t he I nt er net , mor e and mor e Wit cat alogs going elect r onic. cat Pr int cat alogs st ill t he pr imar y Pr medium. m edium. E xpect ed sales in 2008 = $176 Expect billion. billion. H ar der t o at t r act new cust omer s wit h I nt er net cat alogs. w it 13 - 25 Dir ect Response TV M ar ket ing • • • Dir ect -r esponse adver t ising I nfomer cials H ome shopping channels 13 - 26 K iosk M ar ket ing • I nfor mat ion and or der ing m achines gener ally found i n st or es, air por t s, and ot her locat ions. ot 13 - 27 Public Policy and Et hical I ssues in Dir ect M ar ket ing • • I r r it at ion t o Consumer s Taking unfair advant age of i mpulsive or less sophist icat ed buyer s Tar get ing TV-addict ed shopper s Decept ion, Fr aud I nvasion of Pr ivacy 13 - 28 • • • ...
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