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Radio Formats - America Please note that it is possible...

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What is a radio format?   A radio format, or programming format, or programming genre refers to the overall content broadcasting over a radio station. Some  stations broadcast multiple genres on set schedule. Over the years, formats have evolved and new ones have been introduced. In  today's age of radio, many radio formats are designed to reach a specifically defined segment or niche of the listening population based  on such demographic criteria as age, ethnicity, background, etc.  Format types and definitions   Many formats are defined below with descriptions on each. Within each type are sub-type and niche formats that usually target their  format to an even more defined target audience. The following formats are also geared toward the United States, Canada and Latin 
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Unformatted text preview: America. Please note that it is possible that formats can fall into different categories than the way this is organized. News, talk, sports formats Country music formats Contemporary hit radio (CHR) music formats Adult contemporary music formats Rock and alternative music formats Urban music formats Jazz and Classical music formats Oldies, Adult Hits and Nostalgia music formats Spanish and Latin music formats World music formats Religious programming formats Public, Government, Community radio formats College, student formats Other formats (children's, ethnic, brokered)...
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