Ten Steps in the Customer Relationship Selling Process

Ten Steps in the Customer Relationship Selling Process -...

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Ten Important Steps in the Customer Relationship Selling Process 1. Prospecting . Locating and qualifying prospects. 2. Preapproach . Obtaining interview. Planning: determining sales call objective, developing customer profile, customer benefit program, and sales. 3. Approach . Meeting prospect and beginning customized sales presentation. 4. Presentation . Further uncovering needs; relating product benefits to needs using demonstration, dramatization, visuals, and proof statements. 5. Trial close. Asking prospects’ opinions
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Unformatted text preview: during and after presentation to determine if benefits presented are important to them. 6. Objections . Uncovering objections 7. Meet objections. Satisfactorily answering objections. 8. Trial close . Asking prospect’s opinion after overcoming each objection and immediately before the close. 9. Close . Bringing prospect to the logical conclusion to buy. 10. Follow-up and Service . Serving the customer after the sale and building customer satisfaction and a long-term customer relationship....
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