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cervical cancer article summary

cervical cancer article summary - degree of cross...

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Biology 80A-01 E 11 November 2008 Cervical Cancer Prevention by Vaccination Summary This article basically talks about the vaccination against cervical cancer. This human papillomavirus vaccination is a subunit that assembles into a “virus-like particle (VLP)”.(Lowy) There are currently two companies that “undertook commercial development of HPV VLP vaccinations”. (Lowy) These companies are GlaxoSmithKline and Merck (which actually targets two diseases.) The article also talks about how this vaccination is almost 100 % accurate in preventing cervical cancer amongst young women. Doctors suggest that the vaccination be given to adolescents and preadolescents, since it is most probable that they are not sexually active yet, meaning that they do not have genital HPV infections. Even though the results have been wonderful, there is still the question of the duration of protection. There is also a question of the
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Unformatted text preview: degree of cross protection (getting protected for things other than what the vaccination targets) and lastly, there is the question of the vaccine protecting men. The reason this vaccination works well with females is because the “serum antibodies induced by VLP vaccination are extensively transudated into cervical mucus.” (Lowy) But this would be less applicable to men because their gentiles are not mucosal. This vaccination is still being studied, and the article suggests that many people will not be able to afford this because it involves a follow up and they are expensive for some. Therefore, this will most likely benefit the next generation of women. Citations Schiller, John and Lowly, Douglas. "Prospects for Cervical Cancer Prevention by Human Papillomavirus Vaccination." Laboratory of Cellular Oncology Nov1,2006 <www.aacrjournals.org>....
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cervical cancer article summary - degree of cross...

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