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Project Proposal1 - Project Proposal Team Helping Hands...

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Project Proposal Team Helping Hands Introduction : Team Helping Hands is a team comprised of six individuals who well dedicate their time and efforts throughout the duration of the project to Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity. In this proposal we will provide background information on our agency, define what our project will entail, give a specific time line of the events we intend to complete while working with Habitat for Humanity, and assess any risks that we may encounter. Agency Background Information and Current Needs: Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity broke ground in 1989 and has since then helped 180 families in the local community and surrounding areas. Habitat works together with low-income families and gives them and opportunity to “work side-by-side local volunteers on the construction of their own homes.” The BCS Habitat for Humanity is about providing a “hand up, not a hand out.” Each family the agency works
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