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chapter 7 outline

chapter 7 outline - THE NATURE OF SERVICES The way that we...

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THE NATURE OF SERVICES: The way that we view services parallels the way we view quality The customer is the focal point of all decisions and actions of the service organization Service Triangle: customer is in the center surrounded by: 1. The service strategy 2. The support systems 3. Employee Operations is responsible for service systems (procedures, equipment, facilities) and is responsible for managing the service workforce Every service has a service package, which is a bundle of goods and services that is provided in some environment Five Features of Service Package: 1. Supporting facility: the physical resources that must be in place for a service to be offered (golf course) 2. Facilitating goods: the material purchased by the buyer or the items provided by the customer (golf clubs) 3. Information: data provided by the customer (tee-time) 4. Explicit services: benefits that are observable by the senses (air conditioning in a hotel room) 5. Implicit services: physiological benefits that the customer may sense only vaguely (a degree from an Ivy League School) AN OPERATIONAL CLASSICATION OF SERVICES: The item that we believe operationally distinguished one service system from another is the extent of customer contact in the creation of the service Customer service refers to the physical presence of the customer in the system Creation of the service refers to the work process involved in providing the service The extent of contact can be defined as the % of time the customer must be in the system relative to the service time Service systems with a high degree of customer contact are more difficult to control and rationalize than those with a low degree DESIGN SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS
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We cannot inventory services – this means that we must meet demand as it arises In service capacity becomes a dominant issue – too much capacity = $$ -- too little capacity = lost customers
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chapter 7 outline - THE NATURE OF SERVICES The way that we...

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