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Second Exam Essay Prompts Short Essays 1. To what extent was the Emancipation Proclamation a radical document? 2. Was Reconstruction a “splendid” failure or just a failure? 3. Explain the difference between informal and formal imperialism and give two examples for both. 4. In what ways were the Latin American wars for independence similar to the American Revolution, and in what ways were they different? 5. How did industrialization differ in Britain and the U.S.? 6. Explain the term “time-work discipline” and how it revolutionized the nature of the world economy. 7. Explain the methods by which after about 1820 slaveowners stopped defending slavery as a necessary evil and began categorizing it as a positive good.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What arguments did women draw on in the mid-1800s to assert claims to increased rights? 9. What were the major arguments for, and against, Indian removal? 10. Explain why Andrew Jackson destroyed the national bank, and whether that helped or harmed the nation’s economy. Long Essay 1. Compare the 1800-1860 economic systems of the North and South, taking into consideration their social, political and cultural characteristics. 2. Discuss the societal consequences of industrialization. 3. Define nationalism, and analyze at least three significant episodes that help define it in the American context between 1800 and 1870....
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