PsychEX3 - Motivation 16:11 Slide15:D WalterBCannon

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Motivation 16:11 Slide 15: D  Motivational states are the things that push you towards your goals. We are drawn towards particular goals Food- motivational state is hunger-eating is the achievement Walter B Cannon HOMEOSTASIS “staying the same” Peripheral “tissue” balance required for survival of an organism When “unbalanced”, we are “motivated” to return to homeostasis Motivational behaviors                                  Consummatory behaviors   “appetitive” behaviors think of food, look for food                             Eating     Drives as Tissue Needs Homeostasis the constance of internal conditions that the body must actively  maintain Drives may be an upset in homeostasis, inducing behavior to correct imbalance Two Types of Drives Regulatory drives- helps preserve homeostasis (e.g.’ hunger, thirst, oxygen) Nonregulatory drives (e.g., sex, achievement) Slide 21: A
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PsychEX3 - Motivation 16:11 Slide15:D WalterBCannon

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