ch 10 - Stress Reaction Model Stress reactions vary...

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Ch. 10 Appropriate Stress Reduction Techniques 18:35 Definition and effects of stress Stress- the wear and tear that our bodies, mind, and feelings experience as  we perceive and respond to everyday life. Not all stress is bad, sometimes it is desirable and essential to life physical, mental, and emotional aspects are effected by stress we develop our own strategies to help us handle stress Stressors of College Life Most experiences of stress flow from: personal circumstances, thoughts,  bodies, and environment How we manage our bodies greatly contributes to the stress we feel.
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Unformatted text preview: Stress Reaction Model Stress reactions vary dramatically. Our perceptions determine how we will initially react. Self management techniques are those self regulation strategies that can modify our reaction to a stressful event Manage- to choose the appropriate manner to deal with the even with the least wear and tear on us. Defenders- habits that increase the likelihood that our reaction will be to manage, not to flee or fight. Relaxation 18:35 18:35...
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ch 10 - Stress Reaction Model Stress reactions vary...

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