STLC-Reflections - Reflection Assignments Description of...

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Reflection Assignments Description of Elements Read the directions very, very carefully!! 1. You are to write four , ½ page, (single spaced, Arial font, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins) reflection pieces. See the topics below. 2. Please type each on a separate sheet of paper, but only submit one document that’s four pages long. DO NOT attach four separate documents. 3. You must submit this on 4. Due: Thursday, November 20 at 10:00pm. You will select 4 topics from below. Each essay is worth 12.5 points. I want you to be thoughtful in your reflections. Take time to think about what you have done/what you believe/what you have learned about yourself, etc. Without a doubt, you will likely be able to write page after page on each question. Part of a quality response is meeting the minimum expectation: ½ page requirement. Grading Criteria: Essays that do not meet the minimum length requirement or that are not truly reflective will earn no more than 6 points. Essays that meet the minimum and that are thougtful in nature, will earn
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STLC-Reflections - Reflection Assignments Description of...

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