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Elizabeth Mitts-516 Study Skills Part 1: Mnemoics 1. Strategies for increasing motivation: A ccept Responsibility B elieve in yourself S et appropriate goals C hoose to approach B alance in my life M aintain my motivation Mnemonic Device: Created Sentence A B ad S uspect C hooses B alanced M otives 2. Different types of goals: E ducation C areer S piritual H ealth P hysical C ivic F inancial S ocial Mnemonic Device: Created Sentence E d’s C ar S peeds H eavily and P hyl’s C ar F inally S tops 3. Acute vs. Chronic Stress symptoms Mnemonic Device: Rhyme If you stress and get cold feet Don’t worry; it will only stay awhile (acute) But if you get depressed and your heart skips a beat You may have to see a doctor to get you to smile. (Chronic) 4. Type A vs. Type B personality Mnemonic Device: Rhyme If you’re type A and you’ve had a bad day you’re more likely to get in a fight, But if you’re type B you’re more likely to see that that just isn’t what’s right. 5. Five Factors of Motivation: Initiation Choices Persistence Intensity Thoughts Mnemonic Device: Acronym I. C. PIT
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Part 2: Summarization Industrialization Industrialization was a process. It was the shift from agriculture to manufacturing. (This does not mean it was necessarily mechanization.) It was the shift from household production to production outside the household or workshop. In Russia factories that emerged at the end of the 19 th century were not labored by wageworkers but by employed serf labors, whereas in mining there was a mixture of productive structures. There was also a shift in human resources which can happen without being predominately mechanics. The last shift that occurred in the industrial change was the shift from farm and blacksmith shop production to a production process that takes place away from the home. The factory production line was too big for household shops. The change in England was gradual compared to the quick shift in the United
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STLC-Study Skills - Elizabeth Mitts-516 Study Skills Part...

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