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history review3 - Yalta Conference: 1945 – liberated...

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Unformatted text preview: Yalta Conference: 1945 – liberated Europe - Post World War I I – the “Big Three” got together to talk about what it was going to look like – Free Democratic elections in the countries where the Nazis had been (Poland) Winston Churchill: The Soviets distrusted the British and US because of their late arrival into the war – communism and capitalist couldn’t work together, one had to win out. I ron Curtain: Dividing Eastern Europe and Western Europe – basically the Berlin Wall – East Europe was part of the Warsaw pact, which is Communist – West Europe was apart of NATO, which is capitalist. UN: 1945 in San Francisco - Security Council is permanent – maintain international peace – Stalin declare world peace as impossible in 1946 because of Western Imperialism - general assembly meets twice a year UN Security Council: permanent – contains Soviet Union, United States, France, and China – meet twice a year George Kennan: wrote a book – “foreign affairs” – must contain communism Containment: primary goal of the Soviet Union is to conquer any country that is weak – primary goal of US is to contain the spread of communism – this is why we go to war in Vietnam and Korea Truman Doctrine: 1947 – British are loosing empire and can no longer afford to aid Turkey and Greece – Truman asks for a grant to help Turkey and Greece to fight Communism – Truman says US will give money to any country who is trying to fight against communism Marshall Plan: 1947 – rebuild western Europe – win/win situation – countries remain loyal and prevents a recession in the United States Berlin Airlift: Berlin airlift lasts 10 months – Truman flies supplies in May 1949 the Block aide on Berlin is lifted – cold war is waged in Germany NATO: joined to prevent the spread of communism – if one nation is attacked all nations must defend that nation SEATO: Southeast Asian Treaty Organization – Australia, Philippines, Thailand, and Pakistan – SEATO does not obligate members to come to the defense of member nations Baghdad Pact: started out as METO (Middle Eastern Treaty Org.) but Egypt refuses to join so the only Arab member is Iraq and became known as the Baghdad pact Pactomania: when a bunch of pacts happened between a bunch of different nations – NATO, METO, SEATO Chiang Kai Shek: head of the Nationalist party – looses to Mao Tse-tung in 1949 Mao Tse Tung- leader of the Communist party in China – reason that the US loses China to Communism Communist China: China becomes Communist in 1949 – US does not recognize Communist China for 30 years Korean War: United Nations sends army to defeat North Korea – UN didn’t do so hot – UN offense goes very well – easily beat North Korean forces all the way back to the 38 th parallel – Truman allowed General MacArthur to advance – Chinese get involved and UN suffers great losses - war is ended and Korea is still divided – how are POWS dealt with? – Eisenhower Atomic Monopoly: we were the only ones who had a bomb until 1949 – sends...
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history review3 - Yalta Conference: 1945 – liberated...

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