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Cold War study guide - Cold War Cracks in the wartime...

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Cold War Cracks in the wartime alliance Historical antagonism -U.S. has hostility towards communism Distrust PM Winston Churchill take out Russia immediately Necessary evil to ally with soviets Soviets distrust US bc of late arrival to WWII Refused to recognize Soviet Union as a nation until 1933 (FDR) Patten said US should immediately drive towards Moscow and attack Russia Sept 1939 Russia signed non aggression with Germany 2 systems (capitalism v communism) are antagonistic one must win out over the other Yalta conference (1945) German occupation Liberated Europe o Decided free and democratic elections that mean to soviets (Poland) Russia installing public regime and controlling elections why did allies give in to this? o FDR wants Russia to declare war on Japan, bc hes afraid that Russia will pull out of war US wants to engage Soviets in UN US is not willing to go to war over Poland in 1944/45 when Russia is setting up regime in Poland US cant do anything about it o Soviets want a buffer zone (puppet regimes) United Nations (1945) meeting in San Fran Security council permanent and veto US Britain France Russia (soviets) China and general assembly –meets 2x a year Stalin declares world peace impossible in 1946 because of Western Imperialism o Bc they are expanding their economic interests (imperialism) in the rest of the word they view any economic advancement as an attack on them RUSSIA IS PARANOID (Economic advances are looked as attacks on Russia)
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Onset of the Cold War •“ Containment” George Kennan - communism will let its power seep into the rest of the world The real battle occurs in Asia Latin America both nations are trying to expand their power into the middle east a report to the state department and an article called “foreign affairs” Kennan says “contain communism ” -cause if you don’t check it, it will spread. We got into Vietnam and Korea because we are trying to contain communism we got into NATO same reasons Truman Doctrine (1947)- Brit says this it cant help Greece and Turkey to defeat communism Russia try to strong arm the Turks into giving them the Russia trying to overthrow democrats in Greece in areas that the Brits had dominated US wants the Brits to handle it, but the Brits are loosing their empire and cant afford to aid Turkey or Greece anymore, so Truman asks for 400 million to help Turkey and Greece Any country trying to defeat communism that they will get US aid US is leaders of the free world Thinks about the change from WWI and WWII to at this point we are expanding and dishing out money everywhere to fight communism Marshall Plan (1947)- Win/win situation- gives $, the countries remain loyal and prevent a recession in the US. Rebuild Western Europe
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Cold War study guide - Cold War Cracks in the wartime...

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