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Civil Rights Movement study guide - Civil Rights...

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Civil Rights Movement (1954-1968) Jim Crow •Jim Crow – Racial segregation •Everything is segregated by 1954 besides army •When black veterans return from WWII to the south, they are lynched in their uniforms •World War II and Cold War brought change. Nazis, fascists, and imperial Japan. Communism and the 3 rd World. Pres. Harry Truman Civil Rights Commission Banned discrimination in federal employment. Ordered military to desegregate. Him and Americans try to present themselves Better than communism avoid the Cold War •Segregation hurts the American persuasion toward Africa because of what we were doing to blacks at home and then saying that the American way of life is the best -Issued a ban on discrimination and unemployment •Political realignment Dixiecrat revolt Truman runs for pres civil rights fight in demos dixiecrats run their own person strom thurmon from SC what are they trying to achieve they are trying to deny both parties a majority take vote to house where southern demos have power huge shift cause southern whites go to repubs Didn’t think they’d win, they wanted to throw off the vote to force it into the house of representatives (majority of democrats) Jackie Robinson First African American to play major league baseball Very dignified made people rethink blacks in baseball helped desegregation •All THIS IS BEFORE brown v board Which overturns the Plessey v. Ferguson, making separate but equal constitutional
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Landmark Decision Brown v. Board (1954) Genesis of Brown decision. First filed by NAACP to make supreme court NAACP Warren Court o EARL WARREN- conservative appointed by Truman most liberal court in history overturned Plessey v Ferguson Only one of civil rights cases in order to overturn Plessey v. Ferguson Separate inherently unequal. •Citizen’s Councils
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Civil Rights Movement study guide - Civil Rights...

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