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BONDING - fluorine is-328 kJ/mol enthalpy of formation of...

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Bonding 1. Classify the following as ionic or covalent. If covalent, indicate whether polar or nonpolar. a. KF b. IBr c. MgS d. NO e. CaO f. NaBr g. Br 2 h. F 2 i. HCl j. SF 6 2. Draw the best Lewis structures for the following and predict the molecular geometry: a. ClO 2 b. IF 5 c. XeF 6 d. I 3 - e. SF 5 - f. XeO 4 g. IF 4 - h. SeF 4 i. IO 4 - j. XeOF 2 3. Indicate the molecule with the strongest dipole moment in each of the following pairs and explain your choice. a. H 2 O and OF 2 b. NO and NO 2 c. CH 4 and CH 3 Cl d. CCl 4 and CH 2 F 2 4. Select the least stable compound from each of the following pairs and explain your choice. a. NaCl and LiF b. CaO and KCl d. HCl and HI e. NH 3 and AsH 3 5. Determine the lattice energy of MgF 2 (s) using the following data: enthalpy of sublimation of magnesium is 146 kJ/mol, first ionization energy of magnesium is 738 kJ/mol, second ionization energy of magnesium is 1451 kJ/mol, bond energy of fluorineis 159 kJ/mol, electron affinity of
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Unformatted text preview: fluorine is-328 kJ/mol, enthalpy of formation of magnesium fluoride is -1124 kJ/mol. 6. Arrange C-N, C=N, and C ≡ N in order of increasing bond length, explaining your ranking. Now arrange the same bonds in order of increasing strength and explain your reasons. 7. Use the table of bond energies to estimate the enthaply change for the following reaction: 2 N 2 O (g)----> 2 N 2 (g) + O 2 (g) 8. Bond energies can be combined with values for other atomic properties to obtain H values that cannot be measured directly. Use bond energy, ionization energy and electron affinity values to calculate H rxn for the ionic dissociation of chlorine gas: Cl 2 (g)-----> Cl + (g) + Cl-(g)...
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