Assignment 1.5 - Thomas Molineaux 1 September 2010...

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Thomas Molineaux 1 September 2010 Professor Veggian Assignment 1.4 At first glance, the majority of people see the Political Science department homepage as a little bland. There’s nothing particularly eye catching about it and unless the user is extremely interested in this field of study, he or she is likely to forget having ever visited this page. On the contrary, however, I find that the major is actually rigorous and engaging, promising an experience that is anything, but boring. The first image that pops out is an enormous library with students studying on the steps. Naturally, this gives the audience the impression that a lot of studying and hard work would be associated with this particular major. If the image is studied closely then it becomes apparent that it is actually a mesh of three images, all completely different, yet directly relating to one another. Other than the library there is a picture of a young girl holding a sign and avidly screaming in protest. On the other side is an old photo from the civil rights movement. It shows a group of black men and a woman standing in front of what was known as the ‘freedom bus.’ The dynamics of this photo shows that the pursuit of a Political Science major can lead down many paths in the future. Admittedly, at times the amount of choices available to a student can cause a fair amount
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Assignment 1.5 - Thomas Molineaux 1 September 2010...

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