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consciousness questions - Nauseous Each question below...

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Thomas Molineaux 720105306 Memories derived through hypnosis are extremely tricky to deal with. On the one hand they prove exceptionally useful. This usefulness is demonstrated when the author articulates that hypnosis is used to help recall the memory of a witness in many court cases. However, the solid accuracy of these accounts is questionable at best. Opponents of hypnosis use in regards to memory recollection state that “hypnosis creates a dissociation in consciousness” (Weiten 154). They argue that while ‘hypnotized,’ people generally have two separate streams of awareness going simultaneously. You are being asked to consider the impact of various states of consciousness (hypnosis, sleep and dreaming) on accuracy of memories. In order to help you formulate your answers to the following questions, please read the PDF “hypnosis” posted on Blackboard and watch the video clip at this link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/sleep.html . On that page, click on the “Watch Sleep” link.
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Unformatted text preview: Nauseous Each question below should be answered in a paragraph (approximately ½ a page) to make the 2 page limit. Questions for Essay #2: 1) How should we view the accuracy of memories that are derived through hypnosis? Consider the study by Peter Sheehan summarized in the reading and the theories of hypnosis presented in your textbook (pgs. 152-155) in your answer. 2) Considering the research presented in the NOVA video link, how should we view the accuracy of memories after a night of good sleep? What are believed to be the effects of sleep on memory performance? 3) Taking into account the different theories of dreaming presented in your textbook (pgs. 151-152), what effect might dreaming have on the accuracy of memories? Under which theories might memory performance be enhanced by a night of dreaming? 4) What kind of questions should future research address to better understand the effects of different states of consciousness on memory? Version 9/07...
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