History Moon landing - Thomas Molineaux History 128 Week 10...

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Thomas Molineaux History 128 Week 10 Reading Response The original lunar moon landing was unprecedented. Never before had any organization attempted to put man on the moon. At the time of accomplishment, many felt that other events of the past that were once thought of as significant, ultimately paled in comparison. This small step for man signified a desire to explore the unknown while simultaneously striking fear into the hearts of their enemies. The historiography of the moon landing illustrates the effects this event had on American ideals and values. These effects including things such as excessive nationalistic pride to the point of jingoism, a newfound reality that an unexplored frontier still existed, and lastly the simple fact that anything associated with space and astronauts appealed to the public and therefore became a marketing opportunity to exploit. The lunar moon landing was obviously of great importance to the American people as well as the world. By examining the documents provided it becomes apparent that the subject of space was an agenda setter. I find this to be true due to the fact that in the 1960s almost every cover page of the Times magazine included either a picture of space or a reference to it. This is what people talked about for a very long time and rightfully so. Often times the moonwalk is
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History Moon landing - Thomas Molineaux History 128 Week 10...

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