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Learned about the major - past reviving great political...

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My encounters with the Political Science department have been brief so far, but nonetheless they have provided me with valuable insight into my major. Assumptions I had previously made about my major were often incorrect and instead I found myself learning a lot of key ideas. Currently I am enrolled in two courses in this field of study, Poli 100 and Poli 271. I find that these two classes, although alike in many aspects, still manage to contrast each other. While Poli 100 is entirely comprised of the United States government and its present structure and function, Poli 271 instead delves into the politics of the
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Unformatted text preview: past, reviving great political thinkers from the past such as Machiavelli and John Locke. The intriguing aspect is that although they focus on two fundamentally different eras, they both emphasize a strong link to each other. I’ve discovered that Political Science as a whole is based on this strong connection between the past and present. Using this association, the department is able to demonstrate how learning from governments from the past we are better able to prepare our polity for the future....
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