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Thomas Molineaux 720105306 Psychological studies occur all the time and those in charge try to generalize the subject pool so as to get a good representation of the population being studied. Unfortunately, often times due to lack of interest, involvement, or a multitude of other reasons, the study participants usually only encompass a very narrow scope of the population (usually college students). The two articles: The College Sophomore Problem and What’s Really Human discuss this occurrence and approach the topic with differing views. In The College Sophomore Problem the author states that “. ..people are understandably concerned that psychologists do not use 'random samples' in all their research, but [should know that] this worry is often unfounded” (102 The College). This quote sums up the majority of the article nicely by stating that it is a legitimate concern, but one that is not a large problem and easily correctable. On the contrary, the article What’s Really Human argues that it is completely irrational to make generalizations of a whole
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Psychology - Thomas Molineaux 720105306 Psychological...

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