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Thomas Molineaux English 101-079 An Attempt at Reform I say politics and usually you will think corruption. Two New York Times authors, Jeremy Peters and Nicholas Confessore, expand upon this idea by delving into the heart of the debates currently occurring in Albany, New York. In “Lawmakers Offer Ethics Plan, but Paterson Says It Falls Short” the authors discuss that a proposal has been made that would remake the entire system that controls the conduct of public officials. The proposal would require public officials to disclose more about the outside income they receive and face harsher oversight by elected bodies to oversee them (Peters and Confessores). Many find that this is a huge improvement on a flawed system, but the authors feel the changes do not go far enough. The selection of quotes, the title itself, and the varying ways the authors discuss different people’s views conveys the authors’ dissatisfaction with the insufficient. Peters and Confessore periodically quote from the governor and always put him in a light that shows him strongly disagreeing with the bill and instead proposing something even stronger . Governor David Paterson criticized the plan as “falling short of what was needed
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Thomas Molineaux, 1.2 - Thomas Molineaux English 101-079 An...

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