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Thomas Molineaux, 1.3 - Thomas Molineaux English 101.079 My...

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Thomas Molineaux English 101.079 My encounters with the Political Science department have been brief so far, but nonetheless they have provided me with valuable insight into my major. Assumptions I had previously made about my major were often incorrect and instead I found myself learning a lot. Not only have the courses surprised me, but the real world connections to the courses stunned me as well. In the past I only saw the real world applications from one perspective: my own. Political Science has so far demonstrated that to truly understand something or someone you need to be able to look outside your own viewpoint. I’ve only just started my four years here at UNC, but already I’ve learned enough that I’m better able to understand events going on around me that can be associated with political science. From political scandals in the media to the basic interactions among friends, I’m starting to better know why people do the things they do. It may sound extremely cliché, but in summation, Political Science allows me to understand the world around me. I’ve discovered that Political Science, as a whole, is based on a strong connection between the past and present. Using this association, the department is able to demonstrate how learning from governments of the past we are better able to prepare our polity for the future. This aspect of the major I find extremely appealing, primarily because I’ve always had a passion for
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Thomas Molineaux, 1.3 - Thomas Molineaux English 101.079 My...

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