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Thomas Molineaux 720105306 Essay #3 – Psychology 101, Fall 2010 Based on what is known about reliability and validity of traditional intelligence tests I find that IQ testing is extremely useful. According to the text, “In measuring an abstract quality such as intelligence, one needs to be concerned about the test’s construct validity” (Weiten 254). I believe they prove valid in the sense that they do what they were designed to do. IQ tests are designed to measure the kind of intelligence that’s necessary to do well in academic work. In this context the IQ tests prove useful, however, if attempting to study intelligence in a broader sense then the validity of the IQ test becomes questionable. I believe that all children should receive intelligence testing as a matter of course, but I also think that it should not be the sole determining factor. Although these tests have shown high correlations between scores and school grades, there are other factors that influence test scores as well as school grades. These factors such as motivation, diligence, personality, as well as the teacher’s own biases should be
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Psych Essay - Thomas Molineaux 720105306 Essay #3...

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