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psychology-101-essay_3-fall-2010 (1)

psychology-101-essay_3-fall-2010 (1) - should receive...

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Essay #3 – Psychology 101, Fall 2010 Directions on the length and format of the essay are provided in the Syllabus. The essay is due by 8:00 am on November 4th. For each day the essay is late, one point will be deducted from your grade. Please follow the same directions for turning in your essay as you did last time. The directions are still posted on Blackboard under Announcements (click on VIEW ALL tab). You are being asked to consider different theories of intelligence and their real-world applications. Each question below should be answered in a paragraph (approximately ½ a page) to make the 2 page limit. Questions for Essay #3: 1) Given what is known about reliability and validity of traditional intelligence tests (p.253- 254), what do you believe is the usefulness of IQ testing? Do you believe all children
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Unformatted text preview: should receive intelligence testing as a matter of course? 2) The correlations between scores on the IQ test and job performance are displayed in figure 8.18 (p.255). What does this research suggest about the usefulness of IQ testing for hiring decisions or job placement? 3) Summarize (put in your own words) Sternberg’s theory of intelligence (p. 262-263). Do you believe this theory adds substantively to what is already measured by the traditional intelligence tests (p. 250-253)? Please explain. 4) Summarize (again, in your own words) Gardner’s theory of intelligence (p.263-264). Do you agree with the idea of including motor skills as part of intelligence? Why or why not? Version 9/07...
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