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EXAM #3 – PSYCHOLOGY 101 – Fall, 2010 – REVIEW SHEET (there will be 55 questions total; exercises and film clips shown in class are fair game) Chapter 4 (Sensation) (2 questions on the exam) 1. What are the primary taste areas of the tongue? 2. What are the characteristics of “supertasters?” Chapter 7 – Memory (22 questions on the exam) 1. Basic memory processes (encoding, storage, and retrieval) 2. Levels of processing 3. Characteristics of STM (duration; amount of information that can be held) and Baddely’s model of STM. 4. Misinformation effect 5. Source monitoring errors 6. Sensory memory (and types of sensory memory: iconic and echoic memory) 3. Rehearsal and chunking 4. Semantic network (spreading activation) and schema models of long term memory 6. Anterograde versus retrograde amnesia 7. Primacy vs. recency effects (serial position effect); proactive vs. retroactive interference 8. Encoding specificity. 9.
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  • Memory processes, Intelligence quotient, State Dependent Memory, basic memory processes, environment reinstatement effect

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