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EXAM #2 – PSYCHOLOGY 101 – FALL, 2010 – REVIEW SHEET Hi, the exam will be 56 multiple choice items. The exam will be on the chapters below (and material covered in class as it relates to that material): Chapter four – Sensation and Perception 1. What are the physical and psychological characteristics of sound and light (e.g., amplitude corresponds to loudness; wave length frequency corresponds to what types of colors?) and what is used to measure them (e.g., hertz)? 2. Place versus Frequency (volley) theory of hearing; trichromatic versus opponent process theories of color vision; rods vs. cones. 3. Have a basic understanding of the parts of the eye and ear and their function (and the order in which light and sound travel through the eyes and ears respectively). Where does neural activity occur (start) in both. What is transduction? 4. What is the difference between additive and subtractive color mixing? 5.
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