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Best Answers for the Ecology section practice questions 1 — e) The carrying capacity is determined by the action of predators 2 — c) Average population sizes are smaller on small islands 3 — c) Disease 4 — e) all of the above 5 — d) Immigration rates increase. 6 — d) The carrying capacity is proportional to the population density. 7 — b) Keystone predators reduce diversity in a community by holding down or wiping
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Unformatted text preview: out prey populations. 8 — a) produce many small offspring only once 9 — d) any of the above 10 — b) evolution 11 — d) 20 12 — c) As N approaches K, the per capita death rate ( d ) increases 13 — b) All of the organisms inhabiting a 2-hectare forest. 14 — b) resource partitioning 15 — d) Müllerian mimicry 16 — d) B and C 17 — c) denitrifying bacteria...
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