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heroes and saints draft 1 - Robert Dutchen ENGL 1111.109...

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Robert Dutchen ENGL 1111.109 Professor Catherine Burroughs October 30, 2010 Moraga’s Heroes and Saints: The Church in Chicano Culture The play Heroes and Saints employs many rhetoric patterns and imagery dealing with religion within the story of the pesticide infected community. Although it may seem to be a positive influence, a contrast to the dark themes such as disease which the people are dealing with, I believe Moraga actually has a negative opinion on the Church’s relation particularly with Hispanics. Cerezita, the savior of the community, takes up the role of the Virgin Mary, ‘virgin’ become an important word in the plat. She however represents ideals opposite that of the Catholic Church. This contradiction serves to show that her use of the symbol is merely for political gain, and thus the Church serves no purpose for the people. ‘Virgin’, or in Spanish “virgin/virgencita,” appears a total of 14 times in the play, all in the second half of Act II. Dolores uses ‘virgencita’ as an affectionate term for her daughter Cerezita, although later comes to refer to her with religious awe as “La Virgen da Guadalupe,” the Virgin Mary in Hispanic Catholicism because she is physically turned into a look alike. The stage directions use the words the most in fact, constantly reinforcing Cerezita’s transformation into “the virgen” with an almost reverent level. The OED of course relates the religious definition of virginity as seen by the Virgin Mary, and how this is an extension of purity. Cerezita could be misconstrued as such a figure; however, the text reveals
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heroes and saints draft 1 - Robert Dutchen ENGL 1111.109...

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