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Najah Johnson English 1111-109 Professor Burroughs 11/18/10 A Shift from an Extraordinary Girl to a Hero and Saint In Cherríe Moraga’s Heroes and Saints , the main character Cerezita shifts from an extraordinary person to a saint-like individual at the expense of the disastrous turmoil and grief that sweeps her community due to toxic pesticides. This play chronicles the rise of a young virgin, literally, to a metaphorical and spiritual virgin like the Virgin Guadalupe. This paper traces how the rhetoric of religion describes Cerezita’s shift from a normal innocent girl to a heroic and divine being. I will conclude with the question of how the power of faith gives individuals the courage to partake in activities that they would normally, or most likely, not do. In the play Heroes and Saints, Moraga utilizes religious aspects to emphasize an innocent and handicapped girl’s – Cerezita – ultimate decision to take on the burden of an entire community as a saint. The history of the word “god” alludes to a supernatural being that is associated with the positive aspects of religion – God and Heaven. In Jewish and Christian theology, God is the creator of the world and mankind and overseer of the universe. Some attributes that theologians associate with God include omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, omnibenevolence, divine simplicity, and external existence. The word “god” is also used to describe the Greek gods, who are supernatural beings that rule a component of each human beings surroundings, emotions, and lives. For example, there is the goddess of Aphrodite – the goddess of love, lust, beauty, seduction, and pleasure. There is also the king of the gods and the god of the sky, weather, thunder, law, order, Johnson 1
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and fate – Zeus. Whether an individual believes in the almighty God or many gods, these supernatural beings are used to explain the inexplicable nature of events that mankind endures. Throughout the play, Cerezita’s family members imply that her bodiless condition magnifies her role as an innocent and pure saint. As a result of the growing infestation of dangerous pesticides in the community, Cerezita, like many other children, was born with a birth defect. Cerezita’s only existing functions are those that her tongue, eyes, and ears
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najahs heroes and saints paper - Johnson 1 Najah Johnson...

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