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sentence tree - else.” Added to this could be that such...

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Robert Dutchen Confiding in The America Play The word confidence illustrates the irony of Lucy’s profession as a confidence and her ability to hear the past, while her husband’s life, on the other hand, remains unknown to her. 1. 2. 3. Lucy can hear echoes of the past, but her husband remains lost to her. 4. 5. 6. A significant etymological origin of the word confidence is that it can mean to swindle by means of a confidence trick. Paragraph one is the data gathering. An appropriate topic sentence could be along the lines of, “Structurally ‘confidence’ illustrates patterns of use by Parks to emphasis the aforementioned bigger idea.” Paragraph two’s final line could be part of the topic sentence. “I believe that his [The Digger] life of trying to imitate Lincoln was of more importance to him than anything
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Unformatted text preview: else.” Added to this could be that such is the reason that Lucy is unable to find him, in order to connect back to my thesis. Paragraph four has a pretty weak topic sentence, if at all. The line about the “ greater implications that The Digger which Lucy knew was not the truth,” would be more appropriate because it introduces the meaning of the thesis to be supporting by the text. Again, in paragraph five, the topic sentence could be a sentence featured later in the paragraph. I often introduced the paragraph with a quote and then explained the meaning, when it would be more logical to do this the other way around. “ Despite being both his wife and a Confidence, they [Lucy and The Digger] are divided by attitude and mindset.” could be a good topic sentence....
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