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Robert Dutchen The America Play and Other Works by Suzan-Lori Parks: Essays pg. 1-22 1. a) drama Parks believes that dramatic writing has become contorted into a so called “Theatre of Schmaltz”, in which the drama is so forcefully inserted that it loses meaning. (Parks 6) She describes it as mirroring newspaper headlines, in that the art of forming a story, which because of the medium of stage would naturally invoke drama, has been lost. She laments how, “In no other art form are the intentions so slim!” (Parks 6) The construction of a play should dictate what it intends to do, rather than vice-versa, in which it is constructed around pre-conceived intentions, which in themselves are rather shallow in that they are “so intended to produce some reaction of sorts, to discuss some issue…” (Parks 6) Creating dramatic literature means that traditional forms should not be followed. She contends “that content determines form and form determines content…” (Parks 7) Both are shaped and crafted by one another, and evolve as the piece does. Traditional plays are not to be rejected however, as they are beautiful in their own sense. For Parks herself however, the stories she wished to communicate can not conform to this structure, and thus she changes the structure to match with her. b) theater Theater is a way of depicting history in new light. Through Parks’ own “re-membering and staging historical events… [they] are ripe for inclusion in the canon of history.” (Parks 5) She bluntly says that one must know, “Why does this thing I’m writing have to be a play?” and if not they can “get out of town.” (Parks 7) The medium is an art form that facilitates certain things, and performances must be crafted to reflect what theater can project. Again the concept of the “interdependent” (Parks 7)
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suzan-lori parks essays data collecting - Robert Dutchen...

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