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wa1 heroes and saints - Robert Dutchen ENGL 1111.109...

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ENGL 1111.109 Professor Catherine Burroughs October 19, 2010 Heroes and Saints by Cherrie Moraga: Writing Assignment 1 Scene Three Crossfade to Valle kitchen. It is late afternoon. YOLANDA is breastfeeding her baby. CEREZITA observes. CEREZITA: I remember the first time I tasted fear, I smelled it in her sweat. It ran like a tiny river down her breast and mixed with her milk. I tasted it on my tongue. It was very bitter. Very bitter. YOLANDA: That’s why I try to keep calm. Linda knows when I’m upset. CEREZITA: I stopped drinking I refused to nurse from her again, bit at her breasts when she tried to force me. YOLANDO: Formula is expensive. Breastfeeding is free. Healthier, too. I’ll do it until Lina doesn’t want it no more. (YOLANDA buttons her blouse, puts the infant into her crib, sings to her softly. ) ‘Duerme, duerme, negrito’…. ( Continues singing. ) CEREZITA: But imagine my sadness, my longing for the once-sweetness of her nipple. YOLANDO positions CEREZITA for her weekly beauty treatment. She takes out various beauty supplied from a bag. MARIO enters, towel wrapped around his hips. He is well built, endearingly macho in his manner. He is drying himself briskly. MARIO: Hijo! It’s freezing! These cold showers suck, man! We should all just get the fuck outta here. I’m gonna move us all the fuck outta here! CEREZITA: Where to, Mario? YOLANDA: Go ‘head, chulo. You keep taking those showers purty boy and your skin’s gonna fall off in sheets. Then who’s gonna want you. MARIO: The water was cold, man. Ice cold.
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wa1 heroes and saints - Robert Dutchen ENGL 1111.109...

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