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wa3 heroes and saints - Robert Dutchen ENGL 1111.109...

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ENGL 1111.109 Professor Catherine Burroughs October 24, 2010 Heroes and Saints by Cherrie Moraga: Writing Assignment 3 1 . virgin, n. and a. I. 1. Eccl. An unmarried or chaste maiden or woman, distinguished for piety or steadfastness in religion, and regarded as having a special place among the members of the Christian church on account of these merits. Chiefly used with reference to early Christian times. 2. a. A woman (esp. a young woman) who is, or remains, in a state of inviolate chastity; an absolutely pure maiden or maid. In early use chiefly of the Virgin Mary: cf. 4 and 5. b. An old maid, a spinster. c. transf. Of things. d. Virginity. (After 1 Cor. vii. 37.) rare . e. Entom. A female insect producing fertile eggs by parthenogenesis. (Cf. 13g.) f. transf. A naïve, innocent, or inexperienced person. Freq. with adj. indicating sphere of activity. colloq. 3. a. A young woman, a maid or maiden, of an age and character affording presumption of chastity. b. In allusions to the parable of the wise and foolish virgins (Matt. xxv. 1-13). 4. a. the Virgin Mary , the mother of Christ. Also, an image or picture representing her. b. attrib. , or in possessive, in popular names of plants (see quots.); also (after Gaelic use) Virgin Mary's nut , the Bonduc or Molucca nut. c. Virgin Mary [after bloody Mary s.v. BLOODY a. and adv. C. 2], a glass of tomato juice (see quots.). Chiefly U.S. 5. a. the Virgin (also the blessed, holy, etc. , Virgin ), = sense 4. b.
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wa3 heroes and saints - Robert Dutchen ENGL 1111.109...

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