CE - Irishs epic first gf story

CE - Irishs epic first gf story - I shall tell you the...

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Unformatted text preview: I shall tell you the story of my first girlfriend. The day was warm, the afternoon young. Me and my dad were going on a train trip to Seattle. After a few switch offs, we finally got to the station that had the train that was headed to Seattle. While waiting for the train to arrive, a couple of girls walked up to me and offered me a extra 7Up they bought. Naturally, I gladly accepted it. As they walked away, I thought "Hey those are some pretty cute girls. Its a friggen shame I'd never be able to walk up to 'em and talk to any of them." So eventually the train comes and everyone waiting gets on and sits down at their designated seats. Me and my dad were talking and things were getting kinda boring. I sat and drowsily look out the window. Just as my head began to dip to fall asleep, a girl walks up to me. I looked at the girl and recognized she was the one that offered me the 7Up earlier. Her mouth opened up, "Hey, do you want to come with me and my friends in the observation car?". My heart pumped rapidly, my hearing narrowed to nothing but the deep beats within my chest and the blood rushing into my head. I slowly came to, "Sure. Hey, I got nothing better to do, right?". So I got up, walked past my dad, and began walking towards the next car. As I was walking, my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of my dad looking at me, smiling with a thumbs up. I gave a small nod in appreciation back. I turned back, looked at the girl, and asked her name. She gave a small laugh, "You can call me Blondie.". Even though she had about seven different colors in her hair. So I kept walking with the beautiful girl into the next car. And of course, like any other guy would do, tried to find every single thing that I did wrong so far, even though I hadn't done a thing badly. When I entered the car, I saw the group of girls she was with earlier, except there was a guy there now. It seemed like such a small group then. There was a black haired girl with many piercings, a brown haired girl, the guy who was the typical dumbass you would expect to meet in a 5th grade classroom, and of course, the blonde haired girl that I met earlier. I smiled, introduced myself, and they did the same. One common trait amongst all the girls were that they were a unique combination between punk, emo, and scene. They started talking amongst themselves, and I sat down. Then, the black haired piercing girl sat down next to me. Her warm smile heralded the words "So like, whats up?". I looked at her. I thought "Y'know. She's cute. I would much rather hang out with Blondie, but I doubt it would work(You like how I try to poke holes in everything?)." So I started up a conversation. We went over things like our favorite bands, music, and the like. All while keeping locked eye-contact. Sometime during the conversation, she put her hand on my leg, yet strangely, I never realized it until after the conversation....
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CE - Irishs epic first gf story - I shall tell you the...

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