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family health history

family health history - susceptible to There are many...

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Robert Dutchen Family Health History 1. Learning about my family health from my mother was an interesting experience. I enjoying hearing about my family, and during the process of getting the required information, I reminisced about each relatives and things I’ve done with them. I also learned for example, that my grandmother survived breast cancer. This was something I had never known, and surprised me. She is a very strong woman though, so it is just like her to do that. Overall, the health of my family had little problems, which is quite a positive thing. 2. My paternal grandfather died of a heart attack, and my father had one as well. This shows some heart disease which runs in my family, and is thus something I am more
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Unformatted text preview: susceptible to. There are many methods of primary prevention which I can do to avoid having such problems arise in the future. Simply having a healthy and balanced diet is an important aspect of it. I should also maintain physically fitness, with daily exercise to prevent heart issues. As for secondary prevention, I should make note of my blood pressure when visiting the doctor. 3. I would like to obtain information on the health of further back generations, such as my great-grandparents, not only to learn about them and my family, but what health issues I may want to be mindful of. To obtain this information I could talk with my grandparents, to find out what they know....
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