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bel air carlton - The license plate said"DAPPER"...

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In Bel-Air, California, born and raised At the country club is where I spent most of my days. Having a lark, relaxing all day Driving some balls right down the fairway When a band of ruffians, believing they had impunity Started making trouble in my community I got in one mere tussle and it gave my mom the willies, She said "You're moving to your aunt and your uncle in West Philly." I hired a limo, and as it drew near
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Unformatted text preview: The license plate said "DAPPER" and it had dice in the mirror. I could only deduce that this limousine was quite frilly, But I paid it no mind and directed the driver, "To West Philly!" I arrived at the house at 7:34 And gave a generous tip to my kindly chauffeur Looked upon my new residence, the weather was chilly But I knew that I was now the Dapper Lad of West Philly...
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