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emplaya - 'Till Saxon came along Punched him in the face...

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Once upon a time, on the internet there was a guy. A very deeply flawed man, they called him Emplaya. He was a total asshole and nobody knows why. He traveled all around, on the pulse of each PWB thread. From Cena Buttocks onto Rage. With his trusty OVW stuff. He watched it all and wouldn't share. ATTN: Emplaya. It wasn't fair to those which had asked.. But did he care, no not one bit. Then he had the nerve to not respond. What a piece of shit. Oh, Emplaya. Emplaya's quite a slut. Others peoples threads have made him famous. He hired some Cena joke accounts, dressed them up in 3 piece suits. His faithful team of trolls made the PWB his bitch.
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Unformatted text preview: 'Till Saxon came along. Punched him in the face and demanded stuff. And Mr. Playa quite discraced, handed over OVW stuff. But sadly thats a lie, he still hasn't given it up. But if we all join hands and sing this song; Then our call will reach the sky. And maybe the Gamefaqs mods will ban that whore. Anything is worth a try. Oh, Emplaya's account is going down. We're gonna rise up from the underground. And tell Mr. Playa a thing or two; About how trolling simply isn't cool. So right now we're making that our mission. And if the bastard doesn't listen, We'll get sick of making threads And take this up in real life....
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