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epic school cyoa - Bright. Bright sucks. Bright is the...

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Bright. Bright sucks. Bright is the reason you can't just stay in your bed today and pretend it's still night time. Bright is reminding you that it's time for school now, after a long, lazy summer. Bright is turning the inside of your eyelids orange and burning your pupils ever so slightly and whispering, "hey, don't sweat it, it's a new school and a new start!" like your dad keeps saying. New school. New start. Optimism. You hopped out of bed. After a quick shower and some seriously womanly "grooming," you figured you were ready to show the kids in this new town your face. You had moved here a good month ago, and since then, you've basically been hiding. But now's your time to shine. Bright. You grab your backpack and head out the door. deep breaths. No more being shy, you thought silently to yourself. Talk. To ANYONE. First person you see. Unfortunately the first person you saw ended up being the five separate people at your new bus stop. a) talk to the shy looking guy closest to you b) talk to the two friends chatting near the road c) talk to the average-looking girl furthest away d) talk to the young-looking kid who keeps looking at you for some reason Why not try and work on my game with the ladies? you figure, and begin to make your way over to the ok looking girl. It's hard to be inconspicuous when you have to walk past everyone else to get to this young lady, but you tried your damnedest. The closer you got to this young lady, the more and more attractive she seemed. She was no model, but she had that "cute girl" charm that you loved. Long, dark hair, unique eyes, and a genuinely innocent look on her face that most girls seem to try and pull off unsuccessfully. Pretty soon you were next to her and realized that you had yet to think of anything to say. So you stood there. For about a minute you stood there, thinking about a good ice breaker to use. You tried to make yourself look as friendly as possible, hoping maybe she'd take the initiative, but you figured she wouldn't. You refused to let this turn out the way it always turned out; the bus would come, you'd let her get on first, she'd smile a little in appreciation, and you'd try to convince yourself that that small smile was a clear sign that she wanted you to make sweet love to her on a hilltop under a full moon or something.
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**** that, you thought. And you swallowed your pried, and you said, "Hi." And she said, "Hi." And she smiled. And you smiled, and you thought, HELL yes, she TOTALLY wants me to make sweet love to her on a hilltop under a full moon or something. You noticed movement in the corner of your eye. The bus had arrived. You walked toward it along with the rest of the poeple, letting the pretty girl go ahead of you. Nice ass. You stepped up onto the bus. It was relatively crowded.
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epic school cyoa - Bright. Bright sucks. Bright is the...

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