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Political Management in Canada- Ch. 1 Chapter Context: Fundamental principal of cabinet govt., which is a collective responsibility Provincial Government Structure A provincial govt. does not have a general manager or CEO who has limited contact with the rest of the organization. Also, in a corp., the board of directors are responsible for policy making, not in management, whereas in the govt., deputy ministers assume the responsibility of managing Ministers don’t take the role of the CEO, it is the department deputy ministers (who are under the ministers) that take the role of a general manager or CEO (they are at the top of the management tree); there is no govt. wide general manager, it is the deputy ministers that assume this function Ministers are not the administrative heads of a department, instead, their job is to be a member of cabinet that shapes the overall policy of the govt.; their function is to carry the views and interests of the cabinet to the department and carry the public’s message back
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