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Weng 1 Kevin Weng Professor Sweetman HGI 113F 9/8/10 (write out date) The Power of Armor Armor has always been a necessity in battle throughout the ages, whether it is the breastplate worn by knights during ancient times or the modern Kevlar equipped by marines and other military soldiers today. Though they have the same purpose of protecting the lives of the person wearing them, they are different in their own unique ways; the armor, or protective Kevlar used today does not boost morale or raise charisma as does the armor back in ancient times. War heroes from Greek mythology, specifically Homer’s The Iliad , such as Achilles and Diomedes always wore armor that differentiated themselves from the rest of the typical foot soldiers on their respective sides. Just as the sight of their armor would raise hope and bravery among their allies, it would send a chilling shiver down the spines of their enemies. These dramatic changes in spirit and confidence can easily affect the outcome of the battle regardless of the situation and whoever has the upper hand. After the death of the particular soldier or hero, the fate of the armor and its owner is very crucial; if the armor is stripped off of the solder, it would bring disgrace and shame to the dead warrior and he or she will never reach immortality. On the flip side, if the body is recovered along with the armor, then that particular hero or heroine could have a proper burial which would result in the immortalization of that person. Therefore, a hero’s armor is crucial not only to himself but to everyone around him, whether it is
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armor essay - Weng 1 Kevin Weng Professor Sweetman HGI...

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