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Unformatted text preview: 12 Physics Formulary by ir. J.C.A. Wevers If the Fux enclosed by a conductor changes this results in an induced voltage V ind =- N d dt . If the current Fowing through a conductor changes, this results in a self-inductance which opposes the original change: V selfind =- L dI dt . If a conductor encloses a Fux holds: = LI . The magnetic induction within a coil is approximated by: B = NI l 2 + 4 R 2 where l is the length, R the radius and N the number of coils. The energy contained within a coil is given by W = 1 2 LI 2 and L = N 2 A/l . The capacity is dened by: C = Q/V . or a capacitor holds: C = r A/d where d is the distance between the plates and A the surface of one plate. The electric eld strength between the plates is E = / = Q/ A where is the surface charge. The accumulated energy is given by W = 1 2 CV 2 . The current through a capacity is given by I =- C dV dt ....
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