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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6: Optics 29 in the plane through the transmission direction and the optical axis. Dichroism is caused by a different absorption of the ordinary and extraordinary wave in some materials. Double images occur when the incident ray makes an angle with the optical axis: the extraordinary wave will refract, the ordinary will not. • Retarders: waveplates and compensators . Incident light will have a phase shift of Δ ϕ = 2 π d ( | n- n e | ) / λ if an uniaxial crystal is cut in such a way that the optical axis is parallel with the front and back plane. Here, λ is the wavelength in vacuum and n and n e the refractive indices for the ordinary and extraordinary wave. For a quarter-wave plate holds: Δ ϕ = π / 2 . • The Kerr-effect : isotropic, transparent materials can become birefringent when placed in an electric ¡eld. In that case, the optical axis is parallel to E . The difference in refractive index in the two directions is given by: Δ n = λ KE 2 , where K is the Kerr constant...
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