HUMANITIES_3 - When the cycles are breaking: The...

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Introduction The changes taking place during the period called “The Age of Discovery” from late 15 th to 18 th Centuries had radical consequences on human history: the establishment of a new “World System”. This was a new “global” world, naturally “round” with bends and corners but without traditional cycles of systems and thoughts. The primary evident outcome was the triumph of commercial capitalism in Europe. The domination of “capitalist” relations of production in Europe and its worldwide expansion had permanent effects even up to day determining the contemporary agenda. Global dimensions, greater interregional networks of trade, wars, conquests, and voluntary or involuntary exchanges blurred the boundaries between the major cultures of the Eastern Hemisphere. On the other hand, following the paths of the “Scientific Revolution ”, thought became overwhelmingly mechanistic as the natural philosophy of Isaac Newton was applied to individual, social, political, and economic life. The traditionalist context of human though and affairs was changing radically and this era was called “The Enlightenment”. The “Enlightenment” thinkers under the charm of the scientific discoveries applied the methods of scientific research to the study of human society. The widely accepted approach was that the same sorts of laws that regulated nature as a whole could also describe social relations, from this source we are indebted to the birth of “social sciences”. During the 17 th and 18
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HUMANITIES_3 - When the cycles are breaking: The...

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