HUMANITIES_4 - The Industrial Revolution and Consequences...

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Toward a World Economy Europe's entry into the Atlantic and Pacific created an international exchange of goods, created a new world-wide economy including the Americas, and paved the way for the establishment of colonies. The ability of the West to dominate the seas allowed Western merchants to displace others from the world trade system. The Eastern particularly the so called Indian trade until the end of 15 th Century was under the control of Islamic merchants. Later at the end of the 16 th Century the earliest of the colonizers, Spain and Portugal, declined in the face of later competition from England, France, and Holland. . The creation of a world economy largely dominated by the West was a major shift in history. Latin America, Africa, the southern colonies of the American coast, and some other regions were drawn into a system that condemned them to an inferior, dependent status. After 1700’s , the West underwent a series of dramatic transformations in politics, intellectual development, and industrialization. The latter in the form of a so called “ revolution ” altered basic social patterns, enhanced Europe's position in the world, and marked the path to be taken by other civilizations. “Water to the mill” The answer to the question “where comes the water to the mill” (“de ğ irmenin suyu nereden geliyor?” is a Turkish saying) that is the origin of the wealth of the West, lies mostly in the Atlantic slave trade. Until 1630, the slave trade remained in the hands of the Portuguese. The Dutch and British began to export
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HUMANITIES_4 - The Industrial Revolution and Consequences...

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