HUMANITIES_I - 1 The Changing world: Renaissance, Reform...

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1 “Need is the mother of invention” The continuing wars of Crusades as well as the Mongol conquest in the Near East and the crisis of the Byzantine Empire had created a power gap in the Mediterranean Region. Particularly the Mongol conquests of the 13 th century, while weakening the Arab monopoly of the interregional trade, caused insecurity, but at the same time opened the way for new participants in the trade networks. Such periods of crisis also invites the response for survival in the form of an increase in productivity and efficiency. As a result, in Europe more specialized trade and manufactures led to the development of towns. The increased dependence to trade also developed banking institutions in Italy as well as South Germany, the Low Countries (region bordering on North Sea and comprising modern Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands), France and Great Britain. At this early stage Italian merchants more than the others, began to serve as intermediaries between Europe and other parts of the Near East and Asia through traditional trade routes. The strengthening of an independent and relatively free merchant class in Europe is also due to the fact that the governments in Europe were weaker and less centralized as compared to the other civilizations. On the other hand, it has to be remarked that until the 16 th century the West did remain backward compared with civilizations in the Near East and Asia. Key elements of change around 1400 During the 15 th century, while the West began to extend its world contacts, certain important changes began to take place. The whole medieval
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HUMANITIES_I - 1 The Changing world: Renaissance, Reform...

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