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CIS 105 110509 Access 2 Quiz 1. Use calculated fields 2. Determine the output, next design the tables 3. Validation rule 4. The data is always in linked tables 5. YearsOfSvc 6. The label can be used in place of a field name in an expression 7. The Design View of the table is displayed 8. Access checks the accuracy of spelling in the tables 9. Both tables can be selected at the same time 10. It is the least used type of relationship 11. There must be at least two tables 12. They are run from a Table Datasheet View 13. The Wizard only allows fields to be selected from tables 14. New York OR California
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Unformatted text preview: 15. *west 16. is Null Access 3 Quiz 1. 2+2^3 2. Changing data values in a query will not change in a table 3. field 4. [ ] 5. Cost=[Price]*1.25 6. use of one function per expression 7. 9*12 8. field names are not used in this function 9. .033 10. 145000 11. a format different from the US, such as South Asia, would be saved in a different serial pattern. 12. 39772.857 13. DatePart 14. DateDiff 15. Datasheet 16. DateListed, DateSold, ListPrice, SalePrice, SqFeet 17. The properties folder contains the Your Name Commissions 18. data aggregate...
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