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CIS 105 MyITlab 92309 QUIZ 1. Comments that you write are contained inside… markup balloons 2. A particular color is assigned to a writer when comments are included in a doc. 3. Comments display in markup balloons in all of the following except… drafts 4. What feature monitors all additions, deletions, … track changes 5. What happens when a revision is accepted or rejected… the revision marks disappears. 6. The view side by side feature is used when two docs are open the compare side by side dialog box displays…. 7. To scroll through two docs on the screen separately, click synchronous Scrolling on the view tab in turn the option off. 8. If you have several copies of the same doc. With different reviewer comments, use the compare feature to view the differences 9. Each thumbnail consists of: 1 page 10. An electronic indicator for a specific location in a doc is known as a:
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Unformatted text preview: bookmark 11. All of the following are TRUE pertaining to plagiarism except: there is no plagiarism with Web content. 12. The Create Source dialog box includes fields for all of the following except: month 13. Where are citations of sources saved: in a Master list 14. A descriptive title for an image, a figure, or a table is known as a: caption 15. If you have multiple graphics, tables, and charts in a doc. , consider creating a: table of figures 16. Legal docs. Use a table of authority to reference cases and other doc. 17. Google docs can be used to create… access databases 18. Each of the following are useful tools when working collaboratively on a doc except: using Word’s Auto Merge FEATURE 19. It’s a good idea to have at least two authors working on the same part… false...
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