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CIS 105 10709 - To easily determine the arithmetic mean of...

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CIS 105 10709 Cell references: - Relative – used by default, fixes neither the row nor the column i.e. C4 (References changes when a formula/function is copied to another cell) - Absolute – Fixes both the row and the column i.e. $C$4 (References does not change when formula is copied) - Mixed – combo of relative and mixed references QUIZ 1. A formula in Excel begins with a… = 2. Arithmetic operations, cell references, and constants can be used in Excel formulas. 3. The types of cell referencing available in Excel are mixed, absolute, and relative 4. To copy a formula across a range of cells and have the formula automatically update the cell row and column, use relative cell referencing. 5. –SF2+C3-G$4 is an example of mixed cell reference. 6. Functions are used to make difficult computations easier to calculate. 7. B5:C10 is an example of a cell range. 8.
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Unformatted text preview: To easily determine the arithmetic mean of range of cells, use the average function. 9. To find the smallest number in a range of cells, use the min function. 10. If you need to determine how many cells in a range are NOT blank, use the CountA function. 11. The Now function obtains its time and date from the computers clock. 12. The if function returns a result based on a condition. 13. The column index number is the number of columns in the lookup tale that contains the return values. 14. To find info in rows based on values in a table of data, you can use the Hlookup function. 15. The PMT function has 3 arguments number of periods 16. To find out how much money you would make on an investment of 1,000 dollars with a periodic interest rate of 5%, use the FV function. 17. Parameters in an IF function can be text...
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