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CIS 105 9909 - the page number where each heading begins 10...

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My IT lab September 9, 2009 Word Chapter 2 Gaining Proficiency Special Topic – PDFs What are they? - Portable document format - Created by Adobe in 1993 Advantages - Quickly created - Security - Compressible - Self – contained Disadvantages - Difficult to edit - Long load times in browser - “Scanned” PDFs CutePDF Writer Ch 2: QUIZ 1. A typeface that contains a narrow line or extension at the top and bottom of the primary strokes on characters is known as: serif 2. Which option is used to decrease text by 20 percent? Scale 3. The font option for displaying text with a 3D effect is? Shadow 4. Borders and shading can be applied to a table or paragraph by using a Page Border tab 5. Text alignment options include all the following except: decimal align 6. A bibliography page most often uses: hanging indents
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7. In the following image, dragging the small rectangle on the ruler bar will: changing the left indent 8. The following shows an example of Word’s: Outline view 9. A table of contents can be automatically created in Word 07 and lists:
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Unformatted text preview: the page number where each heading begins 10. What button reveals nonprinting character: show/hide button 11. To present a professional look in a doc, maximize the number of typefaces. False 12. You can find special effects like emboss and engrave on the Special Effects tab in the Font dialog. False 13. Nonbreaking spaces can be created by pressing Crtl + Spacebar. False 14. Use the kerning option to minimally raise or lower text w/o using subscript or superscript. False 15. Paragraph marks print at the end of each paragraph. False 16. To create PDF file from a Word doc. Print it as a PDF 17. Each of the following are brand of Office Prod. Software except: Symantec Office 18. When should you use bullets and numbering in professional documents? Whenever info can be easily summarized or reduced w/o losing accuracy and understandability....
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CIS 105 9909 - the page number where each heading begins 10...

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