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cis 105 9209 - zoom slider MS word 2007 the title bar shows...

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Lo0 Alternative to Microsoft word: Word perfect Open office Star office Google docs Everyone uses Microsoft word because… - There is not a better word processing application out there or a better spreadsheet app. - (It’s the best) - We’ve all adopted it. - Word is the standard (everyone is using it) Word Video Basic App. (VBA) Demonstration Quiz! - When entering text within a doc, you normally press enter at the end of every: paragraph -MS word 2007 is what type of software: Application -MS Word 2007 the office button allows you to: All the above -MS word 2007 which of the following is the TABS Home -Word wrap moves word to: The next line - A HARD RETURN is created when you press enter to move the insertion point to a new line. - A FULL SCREEN READING VIEW eliminates tabs and makes it easier to view
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To increase the size of the doc MS word, one would use
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Unformatted text preview: zoom slider MS word 2007, the title bar shows the docs title name. What might cause you to be unsuccessful in finding specific block of txt all the above Which action below is the result of using the Auto text feature? You start typing the date, a screentip displays the date on the screen, and you press enter to insert it If you cannot determine why a block of text starts at the top of the next page Show/Hide IF you use the margin feature frequently, Use the customization category of Word Options and add Margins to the Quick Access Toolbar. You are on page 4 of a 5 page doc, Press PageUp on the keyboard one time. What visual clue tells you a doc, The title bar includes (compatibility Mode) after the filename....
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cis 105 9209 - zoom slider MS word 2007 the title bar shows...

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